There are eight Professional Divisions made up of 6-8 Professional Units. Each Division is led by a Professional Division Committee Chair who serves as an advisor and coach to support Units in their Division. The Professional Division Committee Chair along with the Officers of the Sections and Convenors of SIGs form a Professional Division Committee.

Professional Division Committee Chairs make recommendations on funding requests, provide input on policy and procedure for the efficient and smooth running of the Units, and encourage collaboration within and across Divisions and Regions. Professional Divisions advise the Professional Council Chair on the representation of Units’ interests and activities at the Professional Council and Governing Board and provide recommendations on the reviews of Professional Units in the Division.

Professional Division Committee Chairs serve as advisors and coaches to support Units in their Division, meeting formally with Unit Officers (the Chairs, Secretaries and Information Coordinators of Sections, and Convenors of Special Interest Groups) 3-4 times a year, and with individual Units, as needed.