IFLA fosters positive change for libraries and their communities by developing tools and providing guidance to help library advocates influence crucial decisions taken at a national, local or institutional level.

While international laws, recommendations and reports can of course help to initiate change or provide reference points. In the end, what matters most is how well libraries and library associations can use these opportunities in their own contexts.

IFLA therefore is strongly focused on supporting its Members to advocate most effectively. We do this by providing materials, tools and support that can be combined with local knowledge to ensure greater impact.

In this, we work closely with our Regional Division Committees in order to identify priorities and respond to them at the regional level, as well as to support engagement in global initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). See the pages on our regional structures for more.

In particular, our work includes flagship products and ongoing publications focused on showing the contribution of libraries to sustainable development, practical suggestions on how to engage in international processes and initiatives – our ‘Get Into… Guides‘ – and direct support to Members engaged in national reform processes.

Specifically around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), associations, institutions and individuals can use the resources and ideas included on our Take Action page, or look in particular at our resources around engaging in Voluntary National Reviews of SDG implementation. Check out also our (growing) list of how library associations are working with the SDGs.

Complementing this, IFLA develops tools designed to help build stronger library advocacy skills among individuals and groups. Take a look at our tools for advocacy page to find out more about how to assess needs, find your strengths, and build a team.